Airport Simulator Tycoon v1.00.0033 (Mod Apk)

Airport Simulator Tycoon v1.00 0033 (Mod Apk) From the creators of Airlines Manager Tycoon, play the Airport Manager, the deep strategy city-builder airport mobile game. You are the Airport Director: build and develop the interior and exterior of your airport, sign and manage the partnerships with airlines companies and control the passengers influx and comfort.

✈Build, furnish and upgrade your airport infrastructure
✈Decide your strategy and sign dozens of partnerships with airlines, manage contracts and maintain relationships
✈Control and management of the passenger flow from welcoming them, ensuring a comfortable infrastructure and profitability by increasing PAX spending at airport stores. Control everything from the passenger influx to air traffic control and organization of systems: check in, security and boarding desk, flights schedule, airplane boarding.

✈Plan out the infrastructure of your airport strategically and build your terminal, apron area, taxiway, runways, fuel stations, catering factory, check-ins, security checks, boarding gates, passport control games, coffee shops, decoration of your airport
✈Ensure that your airport organization supports the needs of your passengers and upgrade your services to ensure faster processes, higher profitability or simply better comfort which will impact your relationships with your partner airlines

✈Decide your airport strategy between low cost or premium flights. Decide on the flight types: regulars and charter flights, short and medium haul aircrafts, and a chance to open general aviation routes
✈Sign partner contracts to decide the rhythm of your airport. Each time you sign additional flights as an addition to an existing contract, you are building your relationship with the given partner.
✈Maintain the collaboration: Each airline flight will bring a trademark bonus, but be careful, if you sign too many flights and can not sustain them – you might be risking to break the relationship together with your partners, therefore smashing the contract.
✈Choose from our 3D models of aeroplanes (initially starting in 14 options in smooth launch) to match your contract obligations
✈Strategize your routine on a 24h foundation, strategy up to 2 weeks of flights in advance
✈Control issues the plane routine and PAX increase based on the contracts you sign, make sure your PAX table their own aeroplanes on time
✈Work on the organization relations: do you have plenty of check-ins for all your travellers to create their own flights to follow your contract?
✈Ensure the comfort and ease of your travellers and partners: arrange the facilities of your runway, taxiway and ramp.
✈Upgrade your solutions to enhance your contract overall performance: the damage rate of your runways may effect your airport contracts, updating your stores may bring a greater revenue!
✈Follow up your monetary overall performance in the General Ledger, showing you all your earnings and costs and calculating your airport success. You will be aware which infrastructures are underperforming and you may make your tactical decisions around this!

✈Your passenger joy will certainly effect your partnerships. Make sure your solutions, runways, airline flight routine, navy and personnel are in their best to get points within your partnerships with airlines
✈Check aspects like: how many check-ins and delays did you have? How many of those boarded issues the plane?
✈Is your routine on time: take-off and landing, can there be any delays because your runway is definitely deteriorating? Will be starting and debarking of travellers around the aircraft on time?
✈Did you plan your Airport solutions (fuel, catering, luggage) nicely? These may effect delays in arranging. Has been your aircraft fueled on time, did your catering support have enough trucks to deliver to each aircraft? Are your lover air carriers satisfied with the services you offered?

Build your airport and become the best Airport Director RIGHT NOW!
Airport Simulator Tycoon
Airport Simulator Tycoon
Airport Simulator Tycoon
Airport Simulator Tycoon
Airport Simulator Tycoon
Airport Simulator Tycoon

1. Unlimited Money
Your money in no way decrease whenever you spent

Install Actions:
1. Eliminate playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy


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Airport Simulator Tycoon v1.00 0033 (Mod Apk) – FILE LINK

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