Dragon Masters: War of Legends v2.2 (Mod Apk)

Dragon Masters: War of Legends v2. 2 (Mod Apk) 🐉Nobody understands how dragons invaded our entire world. Humanity thought to be condemned at first, but some individuals appeared to be different plus were capable of taming miraculous beasts. Feeling new strength, they will were hungry for power more than other people and quickly had taken control over armies or also whole kingdoms. This was the particular start of a new age group – the age of Monster Masters.

⚔Join the entire world of never-ending wars in the particular sky with Dragon Masters – action PvP shooter wargame along with magic beasts. Tame and teach ferocious sky monsters to trip into fantasy PvP battles. Select various types of ancient animals, each with unique abilities. Position them with various riders who also have their own troops plus special abilities. Lead armies in order to victory, destroy flying monsters plus burn down castles. Feel complete scale warfare.

🔥Earn fight experience for your creatures in order to get access to more hovering beasts and riders. Combine all of them in different squads according in order to your tactics. Form alliances along with other players and burn entire kingdoms to the ground. Encounter the power of ancient animals! Become the best commander!

Battle along with squads of top players through around the world in wonderland PvP game. Form an connections of 5 players to combat in dynamic 5v5 battles!

Ride unique flying enemies, each with its own abilities and playstyle! Fire and super will destroy anything on the way. Fast, strong or well balanced ancient creatures will diversify game play!

Fight along with dozens of Dragon Masters through different orders, each with exclusive abilities and armies. The even more experienced the rider, the much better troops he can train.

Try distinct combinations of teams. Each one particular complements another. Ride different forms of flying monsters to make use of each one in the correct time of warfare or gather several sky monsters of the particular same type to stick in order to one playstyle!

Each rider has a good army and unique abilities. Select the one that suits your own playstyle and lead them in order to destroy enemies!

Train your teams to raise your power and destroy almost everything more easily. Higher power can attract better riders and allow you tame more powerful historic beasts!

Dragons are the most effective creatures, but don’t forget regarding your army. Use everything a person have to destroy enemies. Eliminate everyone or burn down fortress and towers to achieve success!

Be the greatest fighter during the war plus receive medals for contributions. Obtain more resources for each honor you receive.

Test different builds until a person find your own sky list team. Fight everywhere and every single time whenever possible! The motion game doesn’t have energy or even other restrictions!

Vast territories for exploration and moves. Explore magnificent arenas and make use of terrain for advantage. Make certain enemies won’t have any possibilities in the war!

★★★Our fantasy war game is totally FREE to download!
🔥⚔Action present shooter in the sky! Choose the flying team, train them plus enjoy perfectly drawn world designs, beautiful sky and landscapes within the simulator. Fierce and effective ancient beasts awaits you within the shooter warfare. We made a next-level top action wargame. Regular updates and new articles are waiting for you within battles of2021

🐲Not sure what game to enjoy? Try simulator 🐉Dragon Masters: action shooter PvP wargame

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Dragon Masters: War of Legends
Dragon Masters: War of Legends
Dragon Masters: War of Legends
Dragon Masters: War of Legends
Dragon Masters: War of Legends
Dragon Masters: War of Legends

2. Unlimited Breath Fire


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