Elemental story v8.12.0 Mod Apk

Elemental story v8.12.0 Mod Apk Thanks to 4,500,000 DL!
Puzzle RPG of topic’s struggles and opponents in TV commercials
◆ 【Rude Ragga up to 95 times free turn】
During the campaign! ◆

When you start the game now, you can turn up the intense rare game up to 95 times free just by clearing a simple stage that you can challenge quickly.
Super rare [Star 5] monster free opportunity chance!

▼ The decisive factor of the game is skill shooting!
By making a specific shape with a piece, you can activate a powerful skill every turn.
Each monster has its own skill.
Let’s combine shapes well so that skills can be activated at the same time, aim for great damage.

▼ Individual strongest decision battle! A nationwide real-time battle!
The tournament is held every day in the arena league.
Among the players nationwide, players with the same strength as you
You can play a one-on-one goblin battle.
By participating, powerful monsters of the arena league are available as rewards.

▼ Real time Four people fight has lots of merits!
Up to 4 people can play with nearby people at the same time.
When everyone goes to the quest, the item drop rate is up to 4 times!
If you take him to a friend’s quest, it will consume stamina 0!
Let’s cooperate together and let the game proceed favorably.

▼ Let’s release true power with sudden arousal!
Sometimes a monster suddenly awakens with a clue during battle.
When the monster wakes up, it remembers the powerful abilities that he had never had before releasing the true power.
Since all monsters have the potential to be awakened, let’s take various monsters to the quest.

Let’s adventure the vast world! Where to proceed is up to you.
You can freely explore the five continents of fire, water, tree, light, darkness.
On each continent, super powerful monsters are waiting so let’s defeat the enemies and make them friends.

▼ Download “Elemental Story” for free!
It is possible to enjoy the game for free until the end.
※ There are some charged items.

▼ Elemental Story Official Website / Capture WIKI

▼ Detailed explanation
Skill shooting × fighting puzzle elementary story (Erest) utilizes the characteristics of smartphone,
RPG is suitable for real-time battle and cooperative play that anyone can easily play.

By rearranging the pieces with your fingers in time, you can have more than one skill (Special Moves) at a time, so you can enjoy a wide range of layers with a refreshing feeling.
Quest which is the feature of elest sorts 30 pieces in the screen to U shape, cross, etc, and arranges the pieces to the specified shape of the monster’s skill such as special ability and recovery and it will defeat the enemy.

Since the position where the piece can be placed differs depending on the obstacle existing in the quest, selecting a monster with suitable skill is the key to the strategy.

In addition to being able to advance alone, cooperative play that can play up to four at the same time can be possible with one-on-one real-time battle with players nationwide, friends who are together, or a third party in a nearby position.
You can enjoy it as a communication tool as well as a game.

▼ Elemental Story (Eleost) is recommended for this person!

■ I like puzzle RPG!
· In the action puzzle game, I want to do a puzzle RPG with a role-playing game element
· I like puzzle games since I was a junior high school student, so I am looking for popular free action puzzle game
· I am looking for a game application that can play multiplayer in a puzzle game
· I want to play action puzzle game where monsters etc. appear
· I want an application of a puzzle action game that allows 4 people to battle in online battle game
· I do not have the time to slowly advance the role playing game (rope), so I want to enjoy RPG feeling easily with puzzle RPG
· I want to raise cute characters with breeding puzzle game


■ I want a game that I can fight with my friends!
· I want to play a fighting game where you can play with friends, you can play against friends
· I’d like to play online match-up game with a multiplayer game with 4 people
· In cooperative playing game of erasing game, I want to make combos with a friend and make it squashed
· I’d like to play a friend game with friends
· I’d like to play online games that can fight friends with popular puzzle games
· I’d like to enjoy cooperative play in games fighting gathering fellows who can play with everyone
· I would like to play with a multi-player multi-person unit nationwide, a game that can be played by everyone, including 4 players (a fighting game)
· I want to play online multiplayer game with friends
· I’d like to enjoy a game where I search for friends in the near field and fight with my friends
· I like to fight and fight in multiplayer with friends in online battle game


■ I want to do an interesting game anyway!
· Looking for interesting puzzle RPG (puzzle role playing game) that can kill time
· I want a game that I do not get tired of wearing systems because it has a lot of traveling time
· I want to enjoy real-time battle game casually
· I want to do not get tired of playing god game anyway easily
· I like RPG, so I want to play games with adventurous elements in an ad-hoc system
· It is a free interesting game that will kill time and we are looking for a fun game that we can enjoy with friends
· I’d like to play a popular embedded game that my friend said it was a god game
· I want to do an interesting app that does not get bored with a solid game even though the story is solid
· I have an easy killing game but I’d like to try out a game that is easier to operate
· I’d like to try all the games that I am doing with apps and commercials that are in the popularity ranking of game applications

■ Connect and disappear, want to play refreshing puzzle game!
· I want to taste the real pleasure of exhilarating puzzle game by connecting combos in consideration of strategy
· I got tired of simple falling games and erasing games, so I would like to have a game to connect and enjoy playing role-playing game elements (Aaru Pije element)
· I like connected games such as falling games and erasing games, so I’m looking for something even more fantasy
· I want to play an active part in a game fighting with my friends because I am good at puzzle games that connect and disappear
· I want to do an exhilarating puzzle game where you can repeat combos in erase game
· Looking for a puzzle game application that connects and disappears for 4 players
· I want to do an exhilarating puzzle game which can be called a breeding puzzle game, which clears the quest and nurtures the character
· In an exhilarating puzzle game to connect, I want to repeat combos and relieve stress
· I want to nurture a character through a fighting puzzle game like ELEMENTAL STORY through 4 player match etc



1.Mod Menu
2.damage multiplier
3.god mode

Note: You need to enable Overlay Permission and Storage Permission (if have) on settings in your phone to make menu appears

Note 2: It can be that you become Error against Bosses, i don’t know why, never became such an Error.


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